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In the first stage, there were only a few home studio compositions, made by Janne Lukka and hidden from the outside world. In the summer of 2010 however, Lukka asked Aleksi Hahko to record vocal tracks on these songs. And it so happened that during the recording sessions, bassist Esa Kesseli sat in the corner of the studio. TMoC had found its bass player. This day is generally considered to be the birthday of TMoC.

Drummer Jani Lahtivirta was recruited to the ranks soon afterwards. In the very first live performance, Hahko also played the 2nd guitar. Wanting to ditch the guitar and concentrate on singing, Lahtivirta was internally transferred from the drum stool to play the 2nd guitar. A new drummer, Marko Silvennoinen was borrowed from CURIMUS for the duration of one live show. After that, Silvennoinen left TMoC, wanting to concentrate on singing instead of drumming. Lahtivirta returned behind the drum kit and J-M Helmi, the guitarist of CURIMUS joined TMoC. One live performance later, it was obvious that TMoC had found itself a functioning set of musicians. After a year of intensive work, TMoC's first promotional demo "The Landscape of Dying Trees" was released in August 2011.

In the winter 2012, Jani Lahtivirta left the band. Again, Marko Silvennoinen came to the rescue, filling in as a session drummer. Half a year later, TMoC released its second promotional demo "Hours On The Moondial" and Silvennoinen was crowned as the official drummer of the band.